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Porchlight Apothecary at Garden Grove

Porch Light Apothecary began in 2014 as a musical collaboration between Brent Jordan and Jason Elliott. They began, as a duo, exploring the vast array of original songs Brent has written and recorded on solo albums over the years, some of which have been featured on NBC’s hit television show Scrubs, as well as several documentaries and films. Most of these explorations took place in the comfort and intimacy of their front porches. Porch Light Apothecary was born from the idea that music is medicine for the soul. The band continues to soar to new heights with the 2015 addition of Brandon Whitesell and the more recent (2016) addition of Chris Wear. The quartet has quickly lifted their sound from the front porch to something much larger. Their sound continues to blossom into more magical realms as illustrated on their latest album, Silence to Sound. Porch Light Apothecary's musical collaboration is sure to stir something inside of you; drawing you in from different roads of life; calling you up to the music being played by the front porch lights; taking you on a magical musical journey.