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Garden Grove Brewing & Urban Winery is on a mission to channel our immeasurable creativity into extraordinary beer and wine.


7.4% abv / IBU 24 / 1.063 OG

A truly LOCAL Belgian ale crafted with FORAGED Spice Bush leaves as well as Lemon Verbena grown by Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Made with ORGANIC malt. Brewed with a significant proportion of honey and fermented in wine barrels.

7.5% ABV / IBU 60 / 1.066 og

Classic West Coast IPA loaded with Simcoe hops.

4.9% ABV / 21 ibu / 1.045 OG

Honey wheat ale made with organic malts, wildflower honey, sorachi ace hops, and organic herbs (lemondrop basil, Lemon basil, lemon balm) grown by Garden Grove. 

8.0% ABV / 31 IBU / 1.068 OG

Belgian Strong Gold brewed in collaboration with Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Brewed with Pineapple Sage grown by Lewis Ginter and Garden Grove's Urban Garden. Brewed with organic malts & fermented in wine barrels.

4.9% ABV / 32 IBU / 1.051 OG

Classic Bohemian Pilsner.  Crisp and Clean with a malty backbone. Czech Saaz hops balance the malt with a clean lingering bitterness and spicy character.

4.8% ABV / 17 ibu / 1.046 og

German Style Hefeweizen brewed with German Ingredients.

5.9% ABV / 31 IBU / 1.053 OG

Belgian Blonde accented with German Huell Melon Hops. Fermented in wine barrels.

5.0% abv / 31 ibu / 1.047 og

Clean and crisp lager amped up with tasty German Huell Melon & Mandarina Bavaria Hops. Made w/ Organic malts.


6.0% ABV / 36 IBU / 1.047 OG

A delicious blend of fruit and spice on a barley, wheat, and rye base. This ale cherishes and tours with the Saison tradition. 

4.9% ABV / 12 IBU/ 1.049 O.G

Light and refreshing Mexican lager accented with Lime Basil.

6.5% ABV / 30 IBu / 1.063 OG

Cold brew coffee infused Robust Porter. Made with Café Femenino Colombian ORGANIC coffee in collaboration with Bright Spot Coffee. Support empowerment of women.

6.0% ABV / IBU 22 / 1.056 OG

German FestBier brewed with organic German pilsner malt. It is basically a malty Oktoberfest.

Coming Soon

7.5% abv / ibu 19 / 1.063 og

Refreshing Saison bursting with a crisp lemon character from ORGANICALLY grown Garden Grove Lemon Balm. Brewed with organic wheat & organic barley.