wine & Cider


Garden Grove Brewing & Urban Winery is on a mission to channel our immeasurable creativity into extraordinary beer and wine. 


6.0% ABV

Cider crafted with Virginia Grown Gold Rush Apples accented with a plethora of Fruits and Flowers including  Strawberry, Kiwi,  & Pineapple.

13.9% ABV

Grapes meticulously managed in Garden Grove’s own vineyard in Delaplane, VA created a wine with complex dark and bright fruit flavors, ripe tannins, and a rich mouthfeel. Native fermentation and aged 10 months in French oak.

13.0% abv

Blend of Virginia Vidal Blanc and Chardonnay aged in French Chardonnay barrels for 5 months.  Bright acidity and fruit forward.

8.0% abv

Dry Cider crafted with Virginia grown Gold Rush Apples.  Bright acidity with mellow tropical notes. Partial malolactic fermentation.

13.5% ABV

Stainless steel native fermentation preserved the varietal characteristics with added complexity and volume from sur lie aging for 10 months in neutral French oak. Partial malolactic fermentation preserves a bright acidity.

5.9% ABV

Sparkling honey wine crafted with fruits and flowers.

12.0% ABV

In Collaboration with The Pit and The Peel we crafted a Super Antioxidant Sparkling Brut Rosé made with Acai Berries & Garden Grove grown Aronia Berries. Both considered super fruits with Aronia Berries having the highest antioxidant content of any fruit. Made with Turkish Clover Honey and aged for 6 month in French Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon oak barrels.



9.0% abv

A unique blend of Garden Grove Grown Petit Verdot grapes and VA grown Gold Rush Apples. Richer, more complex, as well as wonderful berry flavors and aromas make this a cider like no other. Aged for 4 months in French Oak Chardonnay Barrels.