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Garden Grove Brewing & Urban Winery is on a mission to channel our immeasurable creativity into extraordinary beer and wine.


7.4% abv / IBU 24 / 1.063 OG

A truly LOCAL Belgian ale crafted with FORAGED Spice Bush leaves as well as Lemon Verbena grown by Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Made with ORGANIC malt. Brewed with a significant proportion of honey and fermented in wine barrels.

6.0% ABV / IBU 22 / 1.056 OG

German Festbier brewed with organic German pilsner malt.

4.9% ABV / 32 IBU / 1.051 OG

Classic Bohemian Pilsner.  Crisp and Clean with a malty backbone. Czech Saaz hops balance the malt with a clean lingering bitterness and spicy character.

7.5% abv / ibu 19 / 1.063 og

Refreshing Saison bursting with a crisp lemon character from ORGANICALLY grown Garden Grove Lemon Balm. Brewed with organic wheat & organic barley.

6.1% abv / 55 IBU / 1.055 og

Wet Hop IPA made in collaboration with Tricycle Urban Ag. This IPA was made with Richmond grown hops that were never dried and used FRESH. Crafted with Centennial hops grown by Tricycle Urban Ag, Columbus hops grown by Garden Grove, and Cascade, Chinook, and Nugget hops grown by Jordon Cole.

10% ABV / 41 ibu / 1.088 og

Pushing the boundaries of Belgian beer into the realm of wine. We strive to bring out ripe and dark fruit flavors reminiscent of rich red wines by fermenting with 2017 Petit Verdot grapes grown in our own vineyard at Arterra Winery. Aged 9 months in American Oak Cabernet Sauvignon wine barrels. Two-time award winner.

6.0% abv / 49 IBU / 1.059 og

Citrus and Tropical IPA made with organic malts.

5.0% abv / 31 ibu / 1.047 og

Clean and crisp lager amped up with tasty German Huell Melon & Mandarina Bavaria Hops. Made w/ Organic malts.


9.0% ABV / 12 ibu / 1.074

Our attempt to make a dry Rosé with beer ingredients. A very simple malt base fermented with wine and Belgian yeast. This ensures the beer is fruity, dry and well suited to highlight the flavors extracted from the wine barrels. Our Rosé was fermented and aged in Napa Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for six months and gains color and acidity from hibiscus flowers. Dry, Austere, and great acidity. Made with ORGANIC malts.

5.1% ABV / 26 IBU / 1.049 OG

German Black Lager (Schwarzbier) made with ORGANIC malts. Smooth but balanced with a roasty bite.

6.5% ABV / 30 IBu / 1.063 OG

Cold brew coffee infused Robust Porter. Made with Café Femenino Colombian ORGANIC coffee in collaboration with Bright Spot Coffee. Support empowerment of women.


Coming Soon

7.0% abv / 27 IBU / 1.065 og

Classic Belgian Dubbel. Made with Organic Pilsner malt.

6.0% ABV / 36 IBU / 1.047 OG

A delicious blend of fruit and spice on a barley, wheat, and rye base. This ale cherishes and tours with the Saison tradition. 

16.0% ABV / 11 IBU / 1.140 og

Synthesis is a Hybrid between a Barleywine, a White Tawny Port, and a Mead. Traditional Barleywines are made from 100% barley but we included equal parts Barley, Vidal Blanc & Chardonnay Grapes, and Orange Blossom and Wildflower Honey and then aged it for 14 months in Syrah & Cab Sauvignon barrels. A true fusion of wine and beer.

8.5% abv / 41 ibu / 1.084 og

Russian Imperial Stout aged for 5 months in Syrah and Cab Sauv barrels. Intense rich dark chocolate flavors abound. Brewed with lactose for a smooth milk chocolate finish. #fakenews